Mr. Saqib Munawar

Executive Committee Member, Karachi Section

Engr. Saqib Munawwar; presently serving in the capacity of Executive Committee Member at IEEE Karachi Section and have been participating in the PSYWC since its inception. In 2017 he has served and serving as PC/TPC Member for IEEE Conferences in Ukraine, Jordan, Morocco, Indonesia and previously have represented Pakistan in Singapore (IEEE 125th Anniversary R10 Cong.), India (IEEE ENCOMIUM), Malaysia (IEEE Conf.), Sri Lanka (IEEE Graduation Party), UAE (IEEE HCT-ADMC) and Ukraine (IEEE Conf.) moreover has played an instrumental role in establishing the 1st IEEE WIE & SB in Balochistan at BUITEMS, IEEE WIE at Hamdard and encouraged volunteers during his visit to Sri Lanka to establish IEEE WIE and YP (Formerly GOLD). On International Women’s Day IEEE WIE NED honoured him as Guest Speaker and recently Chancellor SSUET conferred him Chief Guest Souvenir in the inauguration ceremony of IEEE Power and Energy Society Chapter.