Most Valuable Student Volunteer Award


IEEE Pakistan Students/Young Professionals/WIE Congress 2017 shall honor one individual with the award of “Most Valuable Student Volunteer Award” for year 2017.


The purpose of this award is to recognize, annually, in Pakistani member of IEEE, the Student member most accountable for an amazing achievement associated with Student Activities. This way the value of a Student member who expresses a model of devotion and contribution to a Student Branch/Student Branch Chapter is certainly recognized.


The award shall be given to only one individual based on their submission.   However if required, a “Special Mention” shall be given to only one individual to celebrate their success.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Self-Nominations are accepted.
  • This award requires interested students to submit a report of their volunteer activities.
  • The student should submit records and explanation of his/her activities from July, 2016 to July, 2017.
  • The student should have had taken IEEE student membership for last two consecutive years e. 2017 and must be an active member for this year also.
  • Current SSR and Student Branch Chair and Vice Chair are NOT ELIGIBLE for this award.
  • Nominating student must be in his/her enrolled bachelors degree, if he/she have graduated before or by August, 2017 it can be accepted, however any graduation before March, 2017 would not be considered eligible, no matter result is officially announced or Exception can however be considered, but with the approval of IEEE PSYWC Awards Nomination and Committee Chair on
  • Submitting more than one nomination for the same activity will result in disqualification. However when a successful submission is done, student shall receive a confirmation email within 3 days of email, if not please consult with IEEE PSYWC Awards Nomination and Committee Chair on

Nomination Process

  • Nomination for this award shall be submitted by filling a nomination form on Google Docs before deadline 11:59 PM, 25th September 2017. Fill in the nomination form carefully.
  • After submitting the nomination form, you’ll get a confirmation email within 3 days if you don’t get a confirmation email please inform Awards Committee Chair on with your Award applied for and nomination submission date.
  • Attach a supporting document in PDF Format only maximum 5 pages which can contain your photos, promotional material, etc. Document more than 5 pages (including cover page, the best practice is to exclude cove page) will be disqualified immediately.
  • Please be advised, the supporting document must be endorsed by Student Branch Counselor, SAC Chair or Section Chair. in order to better validate your submission. Please inform them about your submission after you have received confirmation email for your nomination as they will be contacted for validation of your application.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria will be reviewed each year by the Pakistan SWYP Congress Awards & Nomination Committee before the CFN is issued. This year each nomination will be evaluated with some set criteria and shall be given score out of hundred (100) which is distributed as following:

Value Creation (0-25)

  • Participation in regional projects/initiatives (0-5)
  • Involvement in any regional ad-hoc or ex-com committee (0-10)
  • Involvement in any initiative seed-funded by IEEE New Initiative Committee (such as IEEE Academic, madC, Xtreme) (0-10)

Membership Drive or Development (0-15)

  • Mentoring or Intro session on IEEE presented in new or in-active student branches (0-10)
  • Membership Development Activities/Drive participation in his/her student branch (0-5)

Responsibilities (0-30)

  • Any officer or ex-com position at Section held before 2017 (such as SSR, Webmaster, ASSR ) (0- 10)
  • Involvement in Activities by Section or Sectional SAC (0-5)
  • Value created for his/her Student Branch (such as bringing people from Section in activities, Taking IEEE sponsorship, making newsletter ) (0-5)
  • Value created  for  Section  (such  as  creating  newsletter,  updating  website  or  face  book  page  or bringing a resource person for section activities ) (0-10)

Intra-Student Branches or Out Campus Participation (0-30)

  • Participation by student in other student branch activities (0-5)
  • Participation by student in Sectional Activities (0-10)
  • Participation by student in Regional Activities (0-10)
  • Participation by student in Industry Tour or Field Trip with student branch or section officers (0-5)